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Have You Prepared Your Roof for Fall? Six Things You Can do Right Now

Autumn is not only the season when the leaves change color and come down to the ground or when heavy rains soak the soil. It is also the season that requires a specific preparation of the roof to withstand all the weather elements that fall inevitably brings.

If you haven’t prepared your roof for this fall, this article is just for you, so sit tight and read our helpful roof maintenance checklist regarding roof preparation.

Here we go!

Pay Attention to Gutters

As you probably already know, gutters and downspouts are the backbones of the rainwater drainage system since they collect and channel rainwater from the roof. Because of that, as soon as leaves start falling, you must check them and clean them from leaves and debris if you don’t want them to become clogged. Not only that, standing water can become home for mosquitoes, but also clogged gutters cause leakage and overflow.

Check Roof Flashing and Shingles

Missing or broken shingles or cracked and damaged roof flashing are sure signs that you need to do something on your roof before heavy rains and storms become more frequent.

Both roof elements are of the same importance for a reliable roof. Shingles cover the entire roof and are the first line of defense against weather conditions, while roof flashing is a waterproof barrier that prevents leaks around chimneys and vents.

If there is a problem with shingles or flashing, that is, if they are missing or damaged, you will definitely encounter roof leaks this fall, so by inspecting your roof now, you will avoid inevitable stress and costly repairs in the future.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Sealant to Exposed Areas of Your Roof

If you want to prepare your roof for fall and the heavy rains that fall brings, you need to apply a fresh coat of sealant to exposed areas, for example, pipes, skylights, and chimneys. Not only will it protect your roof from rain and prevent roof leakage, but it will also prevent mold growth.

Trim Branches That Are Close to the Roof

It’s simple as it sounds; if you don’t secure your roof from tree branches, you will face considerable financial roof repairs down the road. Even though trees provide shade, and their branches and leaves are like colorful nature pictures, overgrown branches can heavily devastate roofs, especially due to strong winds and storms.

Because of that, you must trim tree branches on a regular basis, especially during the fall season.

Check Your Attic, Skylights, and Roof’s Ventilation

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the attic, skylights, and roof ventilation. Appropriate ventilation is always a must, especially during autumn and winter. Inadequate ventilation allows heat to build up under the shingles, which causes premature deterioration.

Also, leaks and water stains around skylights or through the attic’s ceiling are signs that your roof needs repair and maintenance.

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